Pricing Your Las Vegas Home to Rent

Pricing Your Las Vegas Home to Rent

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Determining the right rent price for your Las Vegas rental property is a critical step, and it should be done with careful study. There are certain factors to consider before setting the rent. 

With an accurate rental price, you’ll be able to draw more interest from potential tenants and optimize your income at the same time. It pays to learn what things to evaluate to reach the right rental fee.

Important Factors to Base Your Rental Price On

To figure out the right rent for your Las Vegas rental property, you can start by focusing on the competition around you. Make sure to check rentals according to: 


Check for Las Vegas rental units that are located around your neighborhood or area. This ensures that you’re performing the right comparison. If you compare your property to rentals in other districts, other factors can come into play, such as the neighborhood’s reputation and its proximity to amenities.

Some of the best areas command higher rental prices because of their favorable reputation, proximity to schools, and attractions. Demand would naturally be higher in these regions, so make sure to study rentals found in the same sections only.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The bigger your Las Vegas rental property, the more acceptable it is to have a higher rate. If a unit has plenty of rooms, it can accommodate more residents. Thus, you must only compare rentals that have the same number of rooms. 

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Renters pay more for bigger-sized rental properties with several rooms than smaller-sized ones with minimal bedrooms and bathrooms.

Age of Construction

Comparing new Las Vegas rental units with old ones in terms of pricing can result in discrepancies. Recently built rental spaces are bound to have higher rent prices than units that were constructed way back.

Home systems in newer rentals are more functional and there are fewer instances of reporting maintenance issues. This convenience allows landlords to price newer rentals at a higher rate.

Best Sources for Rent Pricing

Now, let’s focus on the best sources for comparing rental prices. 

Meeting in Person

Personal meetups can lead to getting prompt answers right away. You can ask for details and figure out whether the rental is attracting interest from prospective renters.

Online Ads

Another hassle-free method is to check rental listings on popular sites and monitor the properties. See which ones are quickly taken off the market and which ones have stayed on for weeks and/or adjusted their prices.  

Property Management Company

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As industry experts, professional property management teams often have the experience and competency necessary to determine an accurate rent price. Some of them offer a free rent pricing analysis, so you could sign up for a free consultation to learn what the rent price of your Las Vegas rental home should be.

Price-Setting According to Amenities Provided

If you assign uniform pricing to your Las Vegas rental property, it could lead to missed income opportunities. The best way to determine an accurate rent price is to always consider the features and amenities you offer. 

You can base the pricing on the following:

  • View: Scenic views impress occupants. The more picturesque views you provide, the higher the rate you can charge. 
  • Upgrades: Investing in property upgrades or renovations by adding amenities that renters seek out, like covered parking spaces, additional storage areas, and open floor plans, means you can set a higher rental price.
  • Size: The larger the square footage of your unit, the bigger rent charge you can set.
  • Floor level: A lot of tenants are attracted to higher floors for the view, privacy, and reduced noise. Landlords can thus designate a higher rent price for homes on higher floors.
  • Outdoor spaces: Renters often desire outdoor spaces because they can create a more relaxing environment. If your property has them, you can assign a higher rental rate. 
  • Parking area: Parking areas are important for a lot of occupants. If you provide this amenity, you can charge a higher rental fee. 

The Right Rent Rate Results to Profit

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Even if the maintenance of your Last Vegas rental unit is costly, your property should still generate profit. If not, it may be a sign that you’re overinvested. Operating at a loss isn’t ideal; although you have a mortgage to pay, you should make sure you continue to enjoy financial benefits and tax deductions.

Monitor Viewing Requests from Potential Tenants

Note the number of property viewing requests you’ve received for your Las Vegas rental home. Is the number high? If you recognize that few are interested, it can mean the rent price you set is a tad high. Make sure the rent price you assign can be justified through the features and amenities you offer to prospective renters.

Be Aware of Economic Conditions

It pays to be aware of the real estate market environment and rental demand. Staying informed lets you adjust rent prices according to the dictates of the economy. This ensures you remain flexible and maximize your rental income. 

Bottom Line

Setting the right rent for your Las Vegas rental home may initially sound complicated. The advice provided in this guide should help you easily determine the optimal rental rate for your property. If you require additional assistance or want professional guidance and expertise, contact B&R Property Management today!

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