Affordable Multi-Family.

B&R Affordable Multi-Family

B&R Property Management has specialized in managing affordable housing in the Las Vegas Valley since 1981. Jo McNamara, Vice President of B&R Property Management, is currently the Nevada Director of AHMA-PSW Chapter (AHMA-PSW, the Affordable Housing Management Association – Pacific Southwest). B&R is recognized as a leader in affordable housing in the Las Vegas Valley.

B&R manages several types of affordable housing product: HUD Section 8; Profit and non-profit; Elderly or family; and Tax credit. We manage for all types of ownership groups, and manage in all types of neighborhoods. Our experience in affordable housing has proven that successful management must include:
  • Accurate and complete Resident files to fulfill regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Detailed maintenance of the property and REAC plan to assure satisfactory REAC inspection
  • Accurate and complete Resident files to fulfill regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Timely certifications and re-certifications
  • Corporate audit of every resident file
  • Dedicated corporate Section 42 “Compliance Team”
  • Expertise in rent increase process
  • Monthly corporate walking of vacant units
  • Timely and accurate monthly reporting package
  • Applicant screening including criminal background checks
  • Create a sense of community and home for resident retention
  • Hands-on supervision of on-site staff
  • Experienced in obtaining HUD approval for a management agent transition
B&R prides ourselves on our hands-on experienced management coupled with detailed, meticulous resident and maintenance records so that our clients can know that their asset is not only profitable but compliant. We work tirelessly to keep your investment safe; why not trust over 25 years of experience? 
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