Due Diligence.

B&R Due Diligence

The capital budgeting portion of a due diligence report often results in favorable price concessions from a seller and provides key insights to the long-term viability of the asset. The marketing recommendations and operating budget included in B&R Property Management due diligence reports often become the basis of strategic plans for the future value enhancement of a property. Our comprehensive reports include complete inspections of property exteriors and unit interiors, lease audits, rent rolls, work order reviews, market analysis, financial statements, and a preliminary operating and capital budget.

Due diligence is the foundation of a solid investment program. If done well, it can reduce risk and increase returns. B&R knows that well-done due diligence is more than checking off items on a list. To give our clients the best, we employ seasoned professionals to perform the due diligence our clients expect. Our goal is to protect investor capital and prepare an accurate and unbiased picture of the investment property.

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