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Paradise Apartment Management Company

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Are you having difficulty managing the needs of your Paradise apartment? Landlords can often have trouble keeping up with client needs, dealing with unreliable contractors, and staying on top of their responsibilities.

Should you choose to outsource the management of your apartment, you need an experienced and professional company. It doesn’t get any better than B&R Property Management! We are the top rated service provider, known for our specialized services and solutions to apartment owners in the region. 

Proprietors in Las Vegas can attest to our superior service, professionalism and integrity. B&R Property Management strives to maintain its untainted record in management excellence. To have expertly managed clients and apartments call upon the experienced team at B&R Property Management. 

We have over four decades of management experience in the Nevada area. From the onset, the foundation of our apartment solutions was industry knowledge, professionalism, integrity and transparency. 

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Our Range of Apartment Property Management Services in Paradise, NV

From our years working in the Las Vegas property market, we can appreciate that every property is unique. As a property owner you need a specialized service that comprehensively meets the needs of your tenants and maintains your unit’s condition. 

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While we offer a wide range of management solutions, you can rely on us to create a tailor-made service specifically for your needs. Some of our property management services include: 

Apartment Inspection and Property Management 

Every renter wants to live in a rental space that is in good condition. Property owners need to put in the time, resources, and energy. Oftentimes, property owners don’t have the time to uphold these requirements, and things can slip through the cracks. 

By outsourcing your management needs to B&R Property Management, you can be sure that we will conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure all defects are identified early. Our team has reliable and qualified contractors who will handle the repairs and renovations. B&R Property Management can guarantee satisfaction in the quality of the repairs. 

Since your property is an apartment, we are willing to liaise with other property managers and owners should we identify defects that could affect the entire development. With B&R Property Management as your property manager, you can be assured of a comprehensive solution to your property needs. 

Compliance with Laws and Statutes 

Choosing to become a landlord is one of the best financial decisions that you can make. However, there are laws and statutes (county ordinances, State and federal laws) that will govern how you are to lease your Paradise apartment. 

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To keep your property on the right side of the law, you can trust in the team from B&R Property Management. We can help you interpret and implement necessary renovations that will keep you from accidentally missing important details in the unit. 


Although, hopefully rare, there are times when you might be dealing with a bad tenant in your unit. They might forget to pay their rent on time, disturb other neighbors with their loud music at night, and fail to comply with the terms of the lease agreement. Eviction might be the only solution for you in order to protect your investment. 

At B&R Property Management we have complete knowledge of Nevada State law along with experience in the property industry in order to help you during any eviction. We file the proper documents with the State authorities and make sure the tenant moves out. 

Once everything is at it should, we change the locks to the property, make any necessary repairs, and put the rental unit back on the market. 

Financial Accounting 

The only way to know if you are meeting your target ROI is with detailed accounting and reporting all your cash flow. You don’t need to hire an accountant or spend time trying to figure out how to do the math. B&R Property Management is willing and ready to offer you financial accounting services as part of our customized management solution. 

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Furthermore, we will maintain records of all transactions and expenses. You can expect detailed records of inspection reports, leases, invoices, and warranties. Come tax season, you can rely on us to file the tax report for your apartment. 

We can provide either monthly or quarterly financial reports based on your needs.

Living in Paradise, NV

While some people might want to live in Las Vegas, the 24/7 entertainment and fast-paced life might be too much for them. A solution away from the hustle and bustle, but close enough to get to the night life, Paradise is the perfect fit for this kind of tenant.

Adjacent to Las Vegas, is the unincorporated community of Paradise. The community is known for its diversity, safety and affordable housing options. Whether tenants are looking to purchase or rent a condominium or single-family residence, Paradise is the place for them. 

When work gets a little bit tough, Paradise has multiple places to unwind. It is known for its museums. We recommend the National Atomic Testing Museum, Marjorie Barrick and Pinball Hall of Fame. Paradise is quite the artistic community and has a very robust art scene. This contributes to its great diversity. 

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Another recommendation you can make for your tenants, as a way to get a break from the concrete jungle, is to visit one of the numerous green spaces. Desert Bloom, Paradise-Mcleod and Sunset Parks are some of the local favorites known for their serenity and quality spaces. 

Paradise is also the home to the renowned University of Nevada. As an investor, you can take advantage of this and enjoy good returns thanks to the constant stream of campus students and young people starting their lives. 

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We proudly offer professional property management services in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Clark County, Boulder City, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, and Spring Valley.

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