Summerlin Apartment Management Company

Summerlin Apartment Management Company

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Are you a property owner looking for an experienced residential property manager in Summerlin, Las Vegas? If you are, look no further than B&R Property Management!

We at B&R Property Management can help you reach your Las Vegas investment goals easily and effectively. Currently, we have over 30 large apartment communities with our team which translates to over 6,000 units. So, what can B&R PM help you achieve? With over 40 years of Las Vegas residential property management experience, we understand the time and effort that goes into managing an apartment community. Our goal is to help landlords meet their goals without sacrificing their valuable time. 

We can help you in all aspects of rental and apartment management. From marketing your properties and screening prospects to collecting rent and responding to issues, we have the services necessary to ensure that your business operates smoothly. With us managing your apartment community on your behalf, you won’t have anything to worry about. You can reach us by dialing (702) 454-2561. Contact us today to learn more about our services and expertise! 

Our Summerlin Apartment Management Services 

As mentioned, our top priority is to help Las Vegas property owners in the Summerlin area meet their investment goals. That is, to maximize the cash flow generated from your condos and apartments. And we do that in a myriad of ways. We can help those in need of full service real estate management market vacant units, screen potential tenants, streamline rent collection, maintain your residential units and so much more.

Summerlin apartment management company

What’s more, all our Summerlin property management services are customizable to meet the unique needs each property owner may have. Whether you own a single unit or hundreds of units, we can help you overcome all challenges you might be facing. We have the perfect property manager for you. The following are some of our Summerlin property management services. 

Marketing Vacant Apartments

Have you just started renting out your Summerlin apartment unit and don’t know where to begin? Or, have you been trying to fill your vacant units with a good tenant but without much luck? Whatever challenge you may be facing, B&R PM can help. As a Summerlin property management firm with effective advertising tools at our disposal, we will assist you with not only renting out your rental property quickly but also filling it with a great tenant. 

Our extensive rental marketing network covers every aspect of the process. From staging the Summerlin property to drafting an enticing rental ad, to listing the ad on top-rated rental websites we can ensure that the property is seen by as many prospects as possible. Our team also takes care of the property showing on your behalf. With our marketing services, you can rest assured that your apartment’s vacancies will be filled in no time.

Screening All Prospective Tenants

It’s the dream of Summerlin apartment owners to rent to quality tenants. The right tenant will possess the following qualities:

  • Pay rent on time, every time
  • Manage and take care of their rented unit 
  • Notify when property issues occur 
  • Abide by all lease policies 
  • Intend on regular lease renewals
screening tenants for apartment rentals

Hiring B&R Property Management means making your dream of renting to great tenants a reality! We have an extensive tenant screening process that helps us find good residents. Our screening process examines a tenant on the basis of the following criteria:  

  • Monthly income and credit score
  • Employment verification and renting history 
  • Relevant criminal status
  • Landlord and/ or employer references 

It’s only after a tenant has successfully undergone this process that we can allow them to sign the lease agreement. As an extra layer of protection, we also require renters to pay a security deposit before they move in, which they will receive back when they move out, provided they’ve caused no damages to your rental property. 

Collecting Rent on Your Behalf

Are you a property owner tired of late rent payments? If you are, our professional property management company can help. We have tried-and-tested strategies to help you deal with rent collection. In addition to renting to tenants that earn sufficient monthly income, have a stable employment history, and have a good credit score, we also have a streamlined rent collection system in place. 

We require renters to pay online through our secure online portal. It’s not only simple to use, but it also provides residents with a range of payment options. Working with us will save you illuminate the headaches that typically come with rent collection. 

Maintaining All Units

As professional property managers, we know how stressful and inconveniencing maintenance calls can be. Luckily for you, this doesn’t have to worry you anymore! Our property management business can help you to respond to all tenant requests, including any maintenance issue your tenant may be having in the residential properties at any time, even when it comes to emergency repairs. Consistent upkeep of your units will keep your tenants happy.

maintaining apartments

Also, as part of our efforts to properly maintain our clients’ apartment units, we provide regular property inspections. We do this to ensure that the tenant is abiding by all lease terms of your Summerlin rental property and that the unit meets all applicable health and safety codes. Consistent inspections and quality maintenance also allow to us catch issues early, thus preventing them from getting larger and more costly. 

Ensuring The Operation is Legally Compliant

To run a successful apartment management Summerlin, NV business, compliance with the law is key. If you don’t know all the relevant state and local real estate laws, you could end up with serious legal issues. Luckily for you, a professional property manager from our property management company understands all laws that affect landlords and will ensure your apartment is legally compliant. 

About B&R Property Management

B&R PM was established in 1981. We have a renowned reputation for providing the multiple properties of our clients with consistent results over the years. Our aim is to make B&R PM one of the largest local management firms in the Las Vegas valley through the delivery of top-notch services. 

Since our inception over 40 years ago, we’ve been able to deliver over $300 million in value creation for our clients. Currently, our committed rental property managers oversee over 30 large apartment communities in the Las Vegas area. This totals about 6,000 units with a combined market value of over half a billion dollars. We put money in your pocket so in turn you can put it back into investing in the community.

We proudly offer professional property management services in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, HendersonClark CountyBoulder CityNorth Las VegasParadise, Enterprise, and Sunrise Manor. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of partering with us! You can reach us by dialing (702) 454-2561. We’d love to hear about your rental properties!

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