Clark County Apartment Management Company

Clark County Apartment Management Company

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Are you looking for a property management company to help manage your apartment complex located in Clark County, NV? If so, B&R Property Management is the company you want to contact!

B&R Property Management has been providing property management solutions since 1981. We provide consistent quality results, making us one of the most sought-after apartment management companies in Clark County.

We’re currently managing more than 30 large apartment complexes, with a total of around 6,000 units and properties. We serve a wide variety of apartment owners—from individual real estate investors to large real estate firms.

Our team consists of industry experts that are dedicated to helping your business and properties grow and succeed in this competitive field. We make sure all members of our team are motivated and driven to provide the best service in Clark County to our clients.

Our company ensures that we employ people who are extensively trained. Plus, we send our employees to ongoing training to assist in improving their skills in Las Vegas property marketing, management, leasing, maintenance, and other areas in real estate.

Our Clark County Property Management Services

B&R Property Management provides high-quality leasing and management services for a wide range of multi-family properties. Our goal is to make sure that you, the Clark County property owner, don’t have to worry about running your apartment business.

From extensive marketing strategies to effective tenant retention programs, our wide selection of property management solutions is all well thought out. It’s our goal to keep your cash flow high so you can enjoy maximum profits from your Las Vegas rental property.

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Here are our property management services:

Completing Lease Paperwork

We understand the struggles that every property owner must face, especially when it comes to managing paperwork. At B&R Property Management, we strive to keep things smooth and simple for you by doing all the difficult tasks ourselves. This includes drafting and completing all lease paperwork for your properties.

Our property managers employ experienced professionals with local expertise to ensure that we provide all your apartment management needs. Among our industry experts, we have certified public accountants, real estate brokers, and masters in real estate. Our experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of lease documentation, and you don’t have to worry about anything when you work with us.

Collecting Rent Payments

We know that most apartment owners find it challenging to collect rent payments, especially if you own several apartment units and properties. Imagine being an individual real estate investor and having to keep track of all the due dates of your tenants. Even if you’re a big company, having to collect rents for all your Las Vegas apartment units and properties can be a waste of time.

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At B&R Property Management, we handle the rent payment collections for you so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. You don’t have to deal with due dates and keep track of who should pay the rent on which day. Our accounting management services includes payable and receivable management, as well as a collection of delinquencies. You can check the rental history at any point through the owners portal. 

Ensuring That the Facilities Meet State Safety Codes

B&R Property Management provides due diligence reports to ensure that the investment property meets the standard safety codes in Nevada. We provide comprehensive reports that include complete property inspections of rental property exteriors, rental property interiors and work order reviews.

With our due diligence process, your property manager can help you reduce risk and increase returns on your real estate investments. At B&R Property Management, we are not just checking off items on a list. Our property management company employs seasoned professionals who perform proper management that exceeds your expectations. It is our priority to protect your capital and help you succeed in your business.

Servicing Tenants

One of our primary goals is to keep your Clark County rental property occupied. We create a specific business plan depending on your asset’s needs to provide you with a customized service. Further, we understand that one of the most important drivers of your success is a satisfied resident. This is why we strive to provide each tenant with the best quality service.

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By anticipating the needs of the tenants, we make sure that we keep them satisfied so they stay at your rental property for the long term. We also ensure to provide them with cost-effective amenities to keep the tenants happy, while meeting your financial and operational goals as owners. Plus, we provide immediate response on maintenance or repair requests through our comprehensive repairs and maintenance plan.

Our property managers also handle questions from potential tenants, as well as tenant screening, to ensure that only the right tenant is moving into your property located in the Clark County area. This is not only important to you, but helps with serving Clark County tenants in your apartments by making sure they have great neighbors. 

Accounting Services

Aside from rent collection, we also offer other accounting and property management services to help make your life as an apartment owner a lot easier. These include property tax appeals, detailed monitoring of operating expenses, and creating a comprehensive annual operating and capital budgets.

B&R Property Management can also help you with insurance and devising risk management plans for your investment properties, as well as with payroll and benefits management of staf

About Clark County, Nevada

Acquired by the United States of America during the Mexican-American War, Clark County has since become home to some of the most famous cities in the country, including the infamous Las Vegas in its county seat.

As the American power hub of the gaming community, Clark County is also home to a variety of gaming companies such as Station Casinos and Golden Entertainment. But gaming-related activities aren’t all Clark County has to offer.

With a diverse economy and the fifth-largest education system in the country, Clark County has a place for everyone. From families to singles looking for jobs, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Clark County area.

Source: Wikipedia

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