Best Areas to Invest in Las Vegas

Best Areas to Invest in Las Vegas

best areas to invest in las vegas

Are you looking to invest in Las Vegas real estate? It’s one of the best locations for purchasing investment homes. Given that the market has not yet peaked, now is the ideal time to buy and rent a property in Las Vegas.

Before buying a property, make sure to educate yourself on which neighborhoods in Las Vegas are the best for purchasing an investment property. 

Las Vegas Housing Market 

The market in Las Vegas is currently heading toward stability making it a great time for buyers and sellers to debate prices. For sellers, Las Vegas home values remain historically high.

The metropolitan area recently held the second-fastest-rising rent ranking in the country. This makes it a profitable city to purchase investment properties. 

At B & R Property Management, we know the best Las Vegas neighborhoods. Our experts have compiled a list of the best investment neighborhoods in Las Vegas so you can be confident in your choice.  


This is one of the more popular and safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Some of the best activities in the city are in downtown area Summerlin. Residents and tourists of this city enjoy downtown parks, cafes, golf courses, and outdoor activities. 

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It should be noted that Summerlin North and Summerlin South should be distinguished by people looking at investment properties. 

Summerlin North is a great place to get a job and the local schools perform well. However, Summerlin South is more attractive to renters due to its overpriced housing market, it is the location of many Las Vegas investment properties

This carefully planned Las Vegas neighborhood or town is renowned for being clean, secure, and packed with things to do. Here, buyers may pick from a range of designs and pricing ranges whether they’re seeking multi-bedroom homes, condos, or gated communities. 

Families are drawn to the close-knit community of Summerlin, where there are frequent parades, farmers markets, and free movies. 

The Lakes 

Just east of the Summerlin region is the upscale neighborhood of The Lakes. Homeowners at The Lakes appreciate the convenience of being close to dining, shopping, recreation, schools, art, and entertainment.

You can enjoy sailing, running, fishing, walking your dog, riding, or simply taking a rest and admiring the view. 

The Lakes is one of the city’s best neighborhoods. Nearly half of the population rents their houses. Lake Las Vegas area is a great spot to call home for people who value quieter, more laid-back lifestyles. There are many outdoor activities, dining options, and amenities available here. 

The lakes have a sizable population while still holding onto that small town feel. This large population ensures steady rentals all year. 

Peccole Ranch 

Most people who live in Peccole Ranch own their homes, giving the community the same feeling as a close knit neighborhood. Peccole Ranch is a master-planned community with twenty-two unique neighborhoods. Ten of them are gated, ideal for people who want more security and privacy. 

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Real estate in Peccole Ranch’s master-planned community includes single-family subdivisions, multi-family buildings, condos, affordable family homes, and wealthy multi-million-dollar custom houses.

In addition to grocery stores, there are plenty of other commercial buildings and retail establishments nearby. Good hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, and recreation sites are also available in the region. 

Since the region provides all the features tenants look for when searching for a rental home, you should invest here as an investor. 

Green Valley and Henderson 

Green Valley is a popular neighborhood in Henderson, NV. Due to Henderson’s legalization of Airbnb rentals, this is one of the most popular regions to purchase investment properties in Las Vegas. Locals also have a lot of demand.

The most well-liked tourist attractions in the region are a fifteen-minute drive away making rental rates very high for both residents and visitors. 

The two halves of Green Valley are known as Green Valley North and Green Valley South. People in Green Valley North enjoy the great pricing on their homes since they are less expensive than the typical homes in Henderson, Nevada.

Rent and home values in Green Valley South are around ten percent lower than the neighborhood average. People move here due to the town’s low crime rate, respectable schools, robust job market, and high quality amenities. 

Arts District 

The Las Vegas Arts District is the place to be for those looking for a bohemian lifestyle. Here you will find restaurants, vintage clothing shops, antique shops, coffee shops, and cool street art galleries.

Many of the apartments are brand-new and are thought to offer luxury living at prices that are lower than in other parts of the city. 

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In this neighborhood, residential, business, and cultural buildings are all mixed. Due to the reasonable rent, which attracts many renters, this neighborhood is a fantastic spot to invest in real estate. It is a popular location to rent and buy a home. 


Due to the special characteristics that make Las Vegas such a remarkable city, it has become popular among real estate investors. 

If you’re planning to invest in Las Vegas real estate, you have to consider the areas mentioned above. We’ve provided the best neighborhoods to help you select an area to invest in that suits your budget and ideal tenant profile. 

For any additional assistance in your investment journey, contact the top property management company in the area.

B&R Property Management is one of the biggest local management companies in the Las Vegas area. Due to our enviable reputation, consistent performance, and unwavering commitment to the Las Vegas market, we have become a trusted partner in the property market.

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