Jaime Torres, VP of Operations

Jaime Torres is the Vice President of Operations at B&R Property Management, overseeing the management and marketing of owner assets. In his integral role, Jaime facilitates the maintenance, repairs, and other operations between owners, contractors, and residents at B&R’s numerous properties. He forges and nurtures his relationships with these parties, which enables him to resolve disputes swiftly before they escalate.

Jaime began his real estate career at a young age. While growing up, he started working at his father’s real estate firm. His position eventually expanded to managing his family’s rental properties in California. Throughout these years, Jaime gained diversified, hands-on experience in the real estate industry that gave him a solid foundation for his career.

Before joining B&R, Jaime Torres held key management positions with top Fortune 500 companies, including General Motors, Unilever Corp., Procter and Gamble via Advantage, and Genesco. Through these roles, he obtained vast experience in growing businesses through dynamic leadership, customer generation, and innovative marketing and operational initiatives. These previous positions also helped Jaime gain deep insights into creative strategy and business operations.

Jaime is a results-driven sales and marketing leader who also dedicates himself to inspiring the employees around him. As a business leader, he prizes innovation, outside-the-box strategizing, and impactful business operations. He cites his greatest strength is his ability to understand marketing & operations, customer service, and finance as well as integrate those activities to help businesses thrive.

Jaime Torres studied Business Management at Western Governors University. In addition, he has earned his real estate license in Nevada along with a Property Management certificate. A strong proponent of continuing education, Jaime is currently pursuing his real estate license in the states surrounding Nevada.

Jaime Torres has also earned a number of certifications, including a NAHMA Professional of Occupancy certificate and an additional NAHMA certificate in Fair Housing Compliance. As an active member of the National Affordable Housing Management Association and multiple local Chamber of Commerce agencies, Jaime focuses on both community growth and business growth.

Besides marketing and operations, Jaime is proficient in brand design, negotiation, lead generation, and coaching. He is also a fluent Spanish speaker, a skill that has helped drive his success at B&R and other companies.

Jaime resides in Las Vegas with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, supporting his favorite sports teams, and spending quality time with his family.

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