How to Advertise Your Las Vegas Rental Property Successfully

How to Advertise Your Las Vegas Rental Property Successfully

how to advertise your las vegas rental property successfully

No matter how promising a business, product, or service is, it still needs strategic marketing. When marketing your Las Vegas rental property it is important to have a proper marketing strategy. A landlord’s goal is to shorten vacancies, attract high-quality tenants and end up with a stable rental income. 

When you’re aware of the property features to highlight in your rental home, it is easy to land a group of potential renters. With a lot of prospective tenants to choose from, a high-caliber occupant is within easy reach.

The benefits of having great tenants can’t be overstressed. When you have trustworthy long term tenants your income is regular. This means you can invest in property renovations for your Las Vegas rental property.

Your unit will also be damage-free or will only show normal wear and tear since good tenants are responsible and will maintain your rental space.

Quality renters adhere to the leasing agreement terms. When your advertising is effective and free of common marketing mistakes, you’re likely to gain the best tenants for your Las Vegas rental home.

Below are some excellent recommendations for advertising your unit:

Property Photos

The first thing people check when viewing your Las Vegas rental property listing is how the property looks. If the photos can catch the viewers’ eyes then you can expect these potential tenants to reach out and check the unit in person.

a clean kitchen with new appliances and hardwood floors

Property listings that include spectacular images often generate higher views and engage more interest in contrast to ads with no pictures. In fact, most viewers will only read the marketing text when the photos win their approval.

When advertising your Las Vegas rental, it is smart to put a lot of time into your photos. Use good camera equipment, or learn how to properly use the camera on your cell phone, so you end up with well framed images. Always check for quality so your photos appear bright, crisp, and clear.

Staging and Preparation

Before you start a photo shoot, scan your rental space. Is it ready to be photographed? Are there any cluttered things lying about? Remove non-essential personal items. You want to display a pristine and clean unit. If an item is too flashy and can steal a lot of attention, you can also remove it.

Step into the shoes of your target renter. You’re aiming to present a highly livable Las Vegas rental property. You want an easy and relaxing environment where renters can picture themselves living. Your photos should draw interest to apply for tenancy.


Lighting is vital for photo shoots. No matter how elegant your Las Vegas rental property is, if the lighting is bad, you can’t produce quality images. Most photographers shoot in the daytime for natural lighting. 

a shelf with beige accents being lit up by the sunshine

Check the weather prior to the day of the shoot. If the sky is gloomy, you need to turn on all the lights or use lighting equipment to compensate. Make sure lighting is sufficient to avoid shadowy and blurred property photos.

Photography Angles

It is also vital to think about your photography angles

Try to shoot your photos from a corner. Placing the camera in a corner allows for a wider perspective. When angling your shot, try to include only two walls instead of three. Shooting two walls makes the space appear wider, while three walls closes it in.

It is also helpful to shoot from eye level. This will help deliver realistic images for potential tenants. 

In order to organize your property shoot, you should prepare a shot list. This helps you not miss out on any important areas of your Las Vegas rental property. It also makes it a breeze for the assigned photographer to shoot, in case you plan to outsource this task. 

Here’s a sample list for your photography shot list:

  • Every bedroom in the unit 
  • Every bathroom in the rental
  • Several kitchen photos highlighting its furnishing and appliances 
  • Dining areas inside and outside the property
  • Family and living room spaces
  • Outdoor spaces, such as garage, front or backyard, and patio
  • Any part of the property displaying an appealing ambiance
an office with white walls, shelves, and a desk

Make sure to also snap up a few photos around your Las Vegas neighborhood. Tenants will want to learn more about the property’s area to create a more solid vision of where they’ll stay.

Write Great Copy

Now that you have fantastic pictures to attach to your property ads, it’s time to turn your attention to your written copy. The ad copy is where you can describe your Las Vegas rental property in detail. It should have a unified story where prospective tenants can imagine what it’s like to live in your rental space.


To make it easy, you can use a formula for the headline that captures all the details that a potential renter will want to know about.

Rent Price Amount + Number of Bedrooms +Number of Bathrooms + Type of Property + Location  + Great Selling Point

Summary description

The best property descriptions are well composed. It should contain the right words that spark engagement and make readers want to learn more. State the amenities you offer and special features that make your unit stand out from the rest. Be transparent about your pet policy and other vital property rules.

someone typing on a laptop

Remember to talk about the area the property is in. You took a lot of time choosing the best neighborhood to invest in, make sure to highlight all its benefits in your description. 

Plan your ad distribution

Maximize your ad exposure by noting popular property sites.  Avoid limiting yourself to marketing online only. Install professional yard signs and pass flyers around, especially during popular community events and festivals. Monitor the ad responses and adjust when needed.

Contact a Property Management Company

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